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What is Hyperpigmentation also know as skin pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation influences of the color of your skin, your skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin. Hyperpigmentation is a condition where the skin becomes darker and is generally a harmless condition. It is mainly seen on the Face, Hands, and legs.

Hyperpigmentation normally occurs on the face, which is normally very visible. This condition affects many women all over the world. It can cause a sense of insecurity as it is very visible, most women seek out cosmetic items to cover the problem like concealers and foundation rather than getting to the route of the problem.

Reasons for skin pigmentation on the face

1) Sun Damage - this is the most talked-about reason for Hyperpigmentation. The sun directly burns the skin resulting in the melanin increasing in the skin. Some people notice sun spots after a long holiday or living abroad for many years. Or spending many hours outside either working or sports outdoors. Usually, this affects fair-skinned people more as they are more likely to burn in the sun, but also darker skins are affected by sun damage. This is commonly known as age spots.

2) hormones - Some people get dark brown patches on the face during pregnancy what's called ( The mask of Pregnancy )

which can show up on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chin. When you get pregnant your body produces hormones that increase pigmentation.

It also can be common in women during menopause, because the body is changed hormones this can cause what's known

as Melasma.

3) Acne Scarring - This is also a very common cause of dark spots on the skin, but this is caused by prolonged chronic inflammation

of the skin. Once the acne has healed you can visibly see the scarring on the face.

How long does it take for Hyperpigmentation to fade?

Depending on the reason or possible causes of the skin pigmentation it could take for 3 to 24 months without treatment for the skin to pigmentation to fade although in some cases it may take even longer.

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